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Rosetta Stone is an online language learning program, used by millions of learners worldwide. Rosetta Stone's highly interactive method is based on the way everyone learns their first language - intuitively and without any translations or monotonous vocabulary drill. Carefully sequenced exercises and cutting-edge technology build speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing skills, step by step. Over the past 20 years Rosetta Stone has proven to be a great and fun program to learn new languages without any prior knowledge.

Another strong benefit is that Rosetta Stone permanently prompts its learners to speak - from the very beginning! The speech recognition engine analyzes the learner's recordings and provides immediate feedback on the quality of the pronunciation. Over time, using one's voice becomes as natural as hitting the mouse button, and the fear of speaking in front of an audience disappears.

The course can be used anywhere from a Windows PC and/or Mac with a broadband internet connection and a USB headset (built-in laptop microphones usually work fine too). You can also download, activate and use Rosetta Stone's iPad or Android app Rosetta Course.

Rosetta Stone teaches languages in an very intuitive way - new words and meanings are introduced without any translations but with images and sound recordings. Learners are completely immersed in the new language and build vocabulary and grammar skills not only by imitation and repetition but also through proactive combination of these new elements into increasingly complex sentence structures. There's no better way of getting a feel for the language than reflecting on the secrets of how it works.
The program is designed in a way that learners never face too many new elements at a time. By consequence learners experience a huge number of little successes all the way through their course.


Chinese (Mandarin)IrishSwedish
GermanItalianSpanish (Latin America)
English (American)JapaneseSpanish (Spain)
English (British)KoreanFilipino (Tagalog)
GreekPersian (Farsi)Vietnamese
HindiPortuguese (Brazil) 


The following items are included when you buy Rosetta Stone on this website:

  • Online-Access to the software Rosetta Stone Foundations Silver
    • on a PC or Mac
    • on the iPad (Rosetta Stone App) (Link)
    • on an Android device (Rosetta Stone App) (Link)
  • Access to all available levels of the selected language

Using a USB-Headset (not included) is recommended.

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